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Deter vandals and intruders while providing peace of mind for your staff.

Various Integrations

Integrations that support interior, exterior, and doorphone surveillance.


Ensure staff is productive and working safely.

Remote Viewing

View live streams and recorded video from anywhere with PC, mobile, and tablet applications.

Remote Administration

Make changes and change access remotely from anywhere with PC and tablet applications.

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In today’s world of remote work, it is crucial to keep an eye on your business and physical assets!

With an IP Video Surveillance system from VerCom Systems, you will be able to remotely monitor your offices and assets with ease.

With multiple viewing options including PC, smartphone, and tablet applications, you can ensure that you are always connected.

What is an IP Based Video Surveillance system?

An IP Based Video Surveillance system is a camera system solution that relies on your internal wired network infrastructure.

This type of camera system provides a secure, scalable, and reliable solution that is easily managed and controlled by VerCom and your team.

These systems offer many features and functionality that traditional analog systems lack, such as remote viewing, scalability, high capacity recording storage, and high definition cameras.

Our sales engineers will come to your facility to provide a site survey and design a solution that will meet your specific needs.

How Does the System Work?

This type of system is fully integrated with your internal network components such as network switches, cabling, and firewall.

Connection Details

      • Cameras: Each camera is connected via a dedicated CAT6 Ethernet cable to a specific port on a network switch.
      • Server: The server, which functions as a Network Video Recorder (NVR), is connected to a switch port within the same network. It is configured to monitor each camera closely.

Benefits of This System

      • Ease of Management: The setup allows for straightforward management.
      • Expandability: Adding a new camera is simple. To cover an additional area, we just run a new cable, connect the camera, and configure it into the system.

Remote Accessibility

      • Given the IP-based nature of this system, it supports remote viewing capabilities. You can access camera feeds both from within the office and remotely, ensuring flexibility and security monitoring from anywhere.

Do I Need Multiple Vendors to Complete the Implementation?

Not when choosing Vercom Systems, we have you covered! Unlike some vendors who only supply the cameras and leave the installation process to you, VerCom offers a comprehensive “white glove” implementation.

What does Installation include?

    • Data Cabling: Our installation specialists will handle all necessary data cabling.
    • Camera Installation: We install all cameras and align them to ensure you have the best view.
    • System Configuration: We configure the entire system for optimal performance.
    • Training: We provide thorough training on how everything functions to ensure you are comfortable with your new system.

Additional Support:

We have network engineers on staff ready to assist with the configuration and installation of network switches, in case you do not have an existing vendor for your internal network needs.

Contact us today to discuss designing a new IP Video Surveillance solution for your location.