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Business owners understand how internal and external communication systems can elevate or decline the customer experience. Properly implemented and laser-focused communication strategies can quickly set you apart from the competition. Customers must know that their needs are the priority, and providing them with practical ways to communicate with you is an excellent place to start.

We understand the complexities of finding solutions that complement your business and address customer needs without overspending or over-committing to something you don’t need. Instead of just selling systems and equipment to our customers, we build relationships based on needs and budgetary requirements.

Customers can trust our expertise in communication systems across the board. We’ve built a firm foundation that includes understanding needs and providing targeted solutions. This practice extends far beyond hosted phone systems. We offer a range of products and services that complement one another–making your entire communications system seamless and straightforward to use.

VerCom systems can provide support to your business in the following ways:

Phone Systems

VerCom Systems offers on-premise and cloud-hosted phone systems to suit the needs of any business. Explore the benefits of each solution and find the best fit for your organization.

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Managed IT Services

VerCom Systems offers a wide range of managed IT services that when combined create a robust security implementation designed to protect your data and reputation.

Services & Support

VerCom Systems has trained, certified technicians to assist with a wide range of IT & Communication systems and services. Not only do we have support engineers on staff, but our in-house development team is constantly releasing new features and security updates.

Ethernet Patch Panel with Cable Management

Structured Network Cabling

VerCom Systems specializes in providing a customer-centered approach to structured cabling, offering quality equipment and professionally engineered setups that adapt with your business.

Paging equipment

Paging & Overhead Music

VerCom Systems provides a range of advanced solutions for your paging needs, including visual alert systems and overhead music. Our trusted brands ensure reliability and quality product performance.

Video & Surveillance Equipment

As a business owner, ensuring the safety and security of your premises and employees is of utmost importance. VerCom Systems understands this need and offers expert integration services for security camera systems to provide your business with the necessary protection and accountability.

Business communication systems built on value and trust

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Private Businesses

Discover how VerCom Systems revolutionizes your business communication with cutting-edge phone systems, elevating productivity and customer experience. Harness the power of seamless integration, cost savings, and unmatched support from the experts at VerCom Systems.

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Schools & Universities

Upgrade your educational institution’s communication and security with VerCom Systems’ tailored phone solutions and advanced surveillance systems. Empower your campus with seamless connectivity and enhanced safety, fostering an ideal learning environment.

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Local Municipalities

Enhance your municipality’s communication and public safety with VerCom Systems’ robust phone systems and state-of-the-art surveillance solutions. Trust us to deliver seamless connectivity and heightened security for efficient local governance and community protection.

Offering seamless communication and an excellent customer experience should be a high priority for any business, as it is for ours. We understand that right-sizing solutions that meet your needs and budget can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Our objective is to help you help your customers by providing seamless communication integrations. VerCom Systems has been helping improve communication and customer experience for companies throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus for nearly 30 years.

Rather than just selling hosted systems and services, we take a holistic approach to the sales process. Our team works one-on-one with customers and prospects to identify needs at a granular level.

After establishing a working relationship and completing initial assessments, we present customers with options that make sense for their business. Our hosted business phone systems, cabling, and installation services will align with each customer’s unique needs and budget requirements.

After a thorough assessment, we can offer solutions that bridge gaps and adequately align with customer needs and budgets. No matter your business model, we can find a solution for you. VerCom Systems can support businesses in any industry from 4-4,000 users!

Dedicated support for your business communication needs


Saving our customers time, money, and frustration in the long and short term is part of our commitment to you. While many service providers close out customer relationships after a transaction, we recognize that product installation and service set-up are only the beginning. The VerCom Systems team is available to help you troubleshoot and scale your network and equipment as your business grows. We provide an accessible in-house staff of experts who can guide you along the way as you continue to navigate seamless business communication.


“Recently switched from POTS with another company to VOIP with Vercom. The equipment and monthly service fee were competitively priced.  Communication was excellent throughout the entire process and the installation and training on the new phones went well. I've contacted support a few times since the installation and response time was within minutes. Very satisfied customer.”
Andrea V
Google Review
“Very knowledgeable staff, always take time to understand needs and concerns. Excellent phone system based on features and price compared to competitors.  Support is also handled in a timely fashion and have yet to have a problem that wasn't resolved quickly after 3 years. Highly recommended for any future phone system purchasers.”
Shane W
White Family Dealerships
“My company has been using VerCom Systems for years now. Their customer service, tech support, and prices have always exceeded our expectations. Tech support is always fast in returning phone calls and always provide excellent service to our many offices.”
Ben M
Orthopedic Associates of SW Ohio
“Our company used VerCom to change over our telephone system. We saved a considerable amount of money switching phone systems. The sales and support team were easy to work with and very professional. I would recommend them anytime.”
Wendy L
When we were searching for a new phone system, we took bids on several systems. We selected VerCom systems based on value and availability.  That was 5 years ago and we could not be happier with their support and service. Craig and Chris are top notch! They care about their customers and are always available to address any issue that we may have. The staff at VerCom are always on it and available whenever we need anything. If anyone is looking to upgrade their systems or seeking a top notch team that always places the customer first I recommend VerCom Systems.
John W
Montgomery County ADAMHS
“Excellent!! My company has had a relationship with VerCom for years and they have always delivered for us. They are professional and have great products and solutions for a fair price. They recently helped us to resolve a huge telephony issue that would have otherwise crippled our company for weeks in only a couple of days. You don't often come across a company who can actually deliver when you need them to. VerCom can and does."
Chris M
Check Exchange
Ginko Systems is a new customer to VerCom Systems and I was highly impressed with the great job they did setting up our point-to-point networking system.  John Romer was great with excellent communication skills on planning the job and following through with our expectations.  The on site technicians also did a great job following our precise instructions regarding how we would like the install done and did an excellent job on cabling and running the wires through our facility.  We will definitely be recommending and using VerCom Systems for any future phone, networking, or telephony needs.
JR Dunkin
Ginko Systems
“Our company Hired VerCom to do an install of a new paging system.  We have been nothing but happy with their work, pricing and team overall.  We will be using them in the future of other needs like structured cabling.”
Aaron Cline
FC Industries
Had VerCom update our phone system at our auto shop. What an improvement! Went so well I had them install a nice Video Camera system at my house. Love it too! Thanks guys!
Shane R
Google Review
I would highly recommend VerCom Systems to anyone. Every time we contact them for support or equipment they go above and beyond to deliver the best service. I have worked with many employees of VerCom and they are all very knowledgeable and professional. If issues arise, I know VerCom will work until the issues are resolved and we are highly satisfied. After working with VerCom for many years, I can honestly say my experience has always been positive and pleasing. 5 stars easily earned!
Kayla B.
United Rehabilitation Services