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VerCom Systems provides customizable, comprehensive support plans for all of your IT & Communication systems needs.

Whether you are looking for professional phone system support, or assistance with managing/securing your network infrastructure VerCom has you covered. From customized service times to perpetual warranties on equipment and software, VerCom offers a variety of services to meet the unique needs of every client.

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The Power of Exceptional Support

Your IT & Communication systems are only as good as the support behind them. At VerCom Systems, we understand that the quality of support can be the difference between a smooth experience and a frustrating ordeal. With a name that truly captures its essence, Complete Care is our commitment to providing holistic and unparalleled support services.

Call Center Operator

IPlex Phone System Complete Care

  • Comprehensive Administrative Assistance: Whether you’ve forgotten a password, need to update names, alter schedules due to holidays, weather events, or meetings, or set up call forwarding – as your virtual administrator, we’ve got you covered.
  • Instant Call Flow Modifications: Want a change in how incoming calls are directed? Need a new method for reaching team members? Just give us a call and we’ll tailor everything to your needs.
  • Efficient Troubleshooting: Our experts can trace call routes, both inbound and outbound, helping to identify and resolve issues with precision and speed.
  • Consultative Support: You don’t need to be tech-savvy to communicate with us. Explain your requirements in simple terms, and our team will present options in a language you can understand, no technical lingo involved.

IT Infrastructure and Security Complete Care

  • Expert Configuration & Installation: Never worry about misconfiguration or vulnerabilities. Our experts are well trained
    and all changes are audited using a combination of AI and peer review.
  • Active Monitoring: We continually monitor your network, guaranteeing rapid and professional resolutions to any
    incidents. Our ticketing and dashboard system offers transparent tracking of all office-related events and activities.
  • Efficient Troubleshooting: Tired of being the go-between? Rest assured, our team works directly with your ISP and/or vendors to resolve issues or make required changes quickly, lessening your direct involvement and operational interruptions, while reducing downtime.
  • Consultative Support: Whether you need help resolving an issue or implementing a new idea, just describe it in simple terms, and we’ll offer technical lingo-free solutions and guidance.
  • Interact with your ISP and Vendors: Whether you need help resolving an issue or implementing a new idea, just describe it in simple terms, and we’ll offer technical lingo-free solutions and guidance.

Network Operations Center

While many providers boast about their support, it’s essential to dive deeper into what that truly entails. Do you constantly have to act as the PBX or network administrator? Or can you simply express your needs and have them fulfilled seamlessly? That’s the VerCom way!