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Experience endless system configurations that adapt with your business's needs

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VerCom Systems is a dedicated communications systems provider servicing businesses in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas.

Our team goes far beyond sales. We conduct detailed assessments of customer needs in an effort to provide optimized solutions that make sense for your business. 

Being a local service provider in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas allows us to grow and maintain close relationships with each client.

Communication problems never happen at a convenient time. However, a local service provider like VerCom Systems provides you with realistic turnaround times on support and maintenance. 

On-premise phone systems mean business.

While cloud-based communication solutions have become more popular in recent years, on-premise solutions still offer distinct advantages for many businesses. With an on-premise system, you have complete control over your hardware and data and can easily integrate with your current Telecom carrier, as well as network software and hardware.  When you leverage an on-premise phone system that’s been customized for your needs, your business will experience increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

VerCom Systems offers endless configurations to clients with many features and benefits. Using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), your business can utilize the latest IP telephony features while also maintaining the perks of a traditional phone system. 

This system configuration will allow your company to use the latest communication technology while offering savings. 

Choosing an on-premise phone system

We understand that you may not be experts when it comes to phone systems and that it can be challenging to understand all of the variables.

Our team of professionals at VerCom Systems will work with you in easy-to-understand ways to identify your individual needs and create a system based on the requirements that are specific to your business. 

Learn more about our most cost-effective and feature-rich solutions. 


IPlex is built on Asterisk®, an open-source telecommunications platform that provides all the functionality of the most advanced business telephone systems in software. Asterisk® is used in many of the industry’s products, such as Freepbx, Trixbox, Switchvox, Fonality, as well as IPlex. 

Asterisk®, a Linux-based software,  provides all of the features you would expect from an enterprise business-class PBX at a much lower cost. 

You’re probably asking yourself, “How can they do this?” Well, the Asterisk® software performs call-switching functionality in a software format versus the hardware platform found in most traditional PBXs. These traditional PBXs are proprietary in design and cost a great deal to manufacture and upgrade. Since Asterisk® is a software application, we have total control of its operations, which can allow for custom solutions that meet your specific needs.


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