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Advantages of a Managed Network

Client Isolation

Creates a private zone for each device on the network, ensuring they remain separate and secure from one another.

Network Control

Providing the ability to lock ports and ban devices, establishing trust to keep your network safe and streamlined.

Network Visibility

Providing a clear view of every device and activity on your network, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Restrict Access

Guarantees network access exclusively to authorized users and devices at predefined times, maintaining security and efficiency.

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Optimizing Network Diagnostics and Security with Managed Switches and WiFi Access Points

The integration of managed business grade switches and WiFi access points is vital in
today’s increasingly connected world. These devices enhance network performance and play a crucial role in network diagnostics and security.

Managed Switches: Centralizing Network Control

  • Centralized Control and Management: Managed switches provide complete control over the network, allowing easy management, setup, and monitoring from one place.
  • Advanced Security Features: Managed switches include access control and port security, adding a strong security layer to your network by ensuring only approved devices connect.
  • Proactive Diagnostics and Problem Resolution: Managed switches enable early detection and resolution of network issues like packet loss, congestion, and network loops, helping to avoid disruptions and data loss.

Managed WiFi Access Points: Enhancing Wireless Capabilities

  • Improved Coverage and High-Performance Standards: Managed WiFi access points offer superior coverage and performance, without compromising speed or stability.
  • Scalability and Adaptive Connectivity: These access points are highly scalable, allowing your network to grow with you. They allow for smooth movement between different areas without losing connection.
  • Robust Security and Network Health Monitoring: Managed WiFi systems use the latest security methods to keep your wireless access safe. They examine the network, locate security issues, manage who can connect, and restrict access.