What Is a VoIP Phone?

Many businesses are moving from traditional phone systems to Voice over IP (Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP) technology to enhance internal and external business communication. Just as your computer uses a network to send data from one point to another, so does a VoIP system. This approach to voice calls and messages replaces the […]

What is Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP enables voice communication over the internet using mobile devices powered by the internet. VerCom Systems enhances VoIP technology by providing a softphone solution, acting as a software application, for making calls over the internet through alternative devices like smartphones or computers.  Key Takeaways Breaking Down Mobile VoIP Definition and Overview Mobile Voice over […]

The Importance of VoIP Security Best Practices for Businesses

Data security vulnerabilities often sound like something that would happen to someone else’s business; however, that’s a dangerous assumption. Every business needs to take data security seriously, especially those with VoIP communication systems. Why? In this article we will break down the VoIP security best practices for businesses and why every business should follow them. […]