Panasonic Consumer Electronics distributes the KX-TDA/TDE/NCP telephone systems through their certified dealer network throughout North America. VerCom Systems, Inc. is a certified dealer for all Panasonic telephone system products. As such, we provide sales, service, installation, training, and 24/7/365 service and support for Panasonic products in this product family.

VerCom Systems chose Panasonic telephone systems because of their excellent reliability and maintainability. The products set offers solutions for digital PBX (KDTDA50G, KXTDA100/200), hybrid PBX with digital and VoIP capabilities (KXTDA50G, KXTDE100/200), and pure IP solutions with the TDE/NCP product.

Panasonic products are engineered for growth and are modular in design so that a specific system can be built as a company grows. The product line is downward compatible with older hardware which prevents obsolescence of functional hardware moving forward while preserving your existing investment.

The Panasonic product offering allows for expansion beyond a single location to the networking of multiple systems together using advanced IP-technology, ISDN, internet, and T1 technology. The Panasonic system delivers centralized voicemail and BLF fields across multiple locations to integrate all of your locations into a single communications platform.

Panasonic is an excellent partner for VerCom Systems, Inc. because of their global presence and years of success in the electronics business as shown below:

  • Panasonic has 13% of the Global Phone System Market
  • Panasonic has 18% of the US market in systems that are 100 users or fewer
  • Since 1986, Panasonic dealers have installed 4,168,193 phone systems
  • Since 1986, Panasonic dealers have installed 18,774,321 handsets

KX-TDE 100/200

NCP 500

Panasonic Product System Capacities

Maximum Phone Lines 12 64 128 128 128 60 84
Maximum T1/PRI 2 4 4 4 2 2
Maximum SLT Analog Phones 24 64 128 98 128 20 36
Maximum Proprietary Phones 24/48 64/128 128/256 128 256 24 40
Maximum IP Phones 4 64 128 160 160 40 64
Maximum Wireless Phones 28 128 128 128 128
Doorphone Support Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Paging Outputs 1 2 2
Music on Hold Inputs 1 1 1