IPlex is built on Asterisk® , an open source Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that provides all the functionality of high-end business telephone systems in a software format. Asterisk® has been used to create a number of products such as Trixbox, Switchvox and Fonality, as well as IPlex.

A Linux-based software, Asterisk® provides all of the features you would expect from an enterprise business class PBX at a much lower cost. You’re probably asking yourself, “How can they do this?” Well, the Asterisk® software performs call switching functionality in a software format versus the hardware platform found in most traditional PBXs that are proprietary in design and cost a great deal to manufacture or upgrade.

Benefits of Asterisk® software system

Asterisk® is to telephone systems what Microsoft Windows is to personal computers, so to speak. It is the operating system which creates a foundation to deliver the telephone system features.

Asterisk® provides pure VoIP options or can be used with traditional analog and digital telephone lines. The software interoperates with almost all standard-based telephony equipment and uses relatively inexpensive and readily available hardware components. This provides users with something they are not used to in traditional PBX products: The ability to choose, expand and change their system without expensive upgrades.

Products like IPlex from VerCom Systems, Inc. that are based on the Asterisk® software utilize these very affordable non-proprietary hardware components allowing small and medium businesses the ability to take advantage of telephone system features which were previously only available to large enterprise businesses.

However, Asterisk®, at its core, is not designed for ease-of-use or administration. It requires a good amount of scripting and command line knowledge to use. These talents are not commonplace in most businesses.

Why is IPlex different than Asterisk®?

IPlex has been modified in such a manner so as to improve the user experience and make ongoing management a breeze for all levels of technical expertise. IPlex also incorporates many advanced features that are not available in Asterisk® and includes a modified web-based user interface with Helpful Hints and Drop Down Menus that make the system incredibly easy to use. IPlex can come preloaded on a server of your choosing and packaged with telephone handsets of your choice that can be preconfigured to your exact specifications, making IPlex the “plug and play” solution for your telephone needs.

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