IPlex Features


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Standard IPlex Features

The features in this column are available in all Feature Packages offered with a valid user's license.


Voicemail access from any phone
Voicemail forwarding to email (wav)
Voicemail notification to email
Voicemail access from a PC
Voicemail Groups
Play next message automatically
Play Caller ID prior to message
Play envelope information prior to message
Text message Voicemail notification
Set voicemail quota by user
Pause, fast forward and rewind
Pause...make a call while in Voicemail

Phone Features

Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward
Call Trace
Call Waiting
Blind Transfer
Attended Transfer
Direct Pickup
Direct to Voicemail
Do not Disturb
Intercom Do not Disturb
Internal Directory
Distinctive user ring tone
Login/Logoff into a phone
Playback prompt
Record prompt
Speed dial
Voicemail Access
Voicemail Main Access
Call Parking
Caller ID on Phone

Support for SIP and Analog Phones
3,4,5 digit extensions
Ability to set a user password
Ability to set a Phone Login PIN number
Ability to set Outbound Caller ID
Ability to set extension as DID destination for voice/fax
Ability to set Caller Announce by extension
Support for fixed or hotdesk extensions
Ability to set call restrictions by phone
Ability to assign multiple phones to a single user

Call Routing

Ability to set up individual routes by phone number or Direct Inbound Dial (DID) number
Ability to utilize multiple outbound routes (VoIP, PRI, Analog)
Ability to route calls differently based on day of week or time of day (Time Sets)
Ability to route calls differently based on Holidays (Holiday Sets)
Accept voice and fax correspondence with a single DID Number

Pick Up Groups

Pickup groups allows users in common areas to pick up each other's calls

Music on Hold
Custom Music on Hold
Custom Promotions on Hold
Queue-specific Music on Hold
User-specific Music on Hold
Ability to add commercials/product information
Upload utility within the GUI

Service and Support

Ability to put the server in service mode via the GUI
Ability to restart the IP-PBX software via the GUI


Ability to change feature codes
Set # of rings before going to Voicemail
System-wide Speed Dials

Calling Methods
Analog Phone Lines
Digital Phone Lines
Connecting Multiple Servers
Least Cost Call Routing

User-Based PC Features

Access to voicemail in My Account
Access to faxmail in My Account
Access to call logs in My Account
Access to call recordings in My Account
Access to change voicemail settings
Access to change user options
Access to change Follow Me feature options
Access to change call options
Access to change faxmail options

Operator Panel
See who else is on the phone and with whom
See which phone users have voicemail
See trunks in use
See caller ID of inbound callers
Call Monitor
Queue Member view
Call Parking Lot Panel
Call Park countdown
Call Park return to agent if not answered
See length of calls in progress

Call Detail Reports
Pull reports by extension
Pull reports by number
Pull reports by area code
Pull reports by day
Pull reports by time period
Use reports to for statistical purposes

Licensed IPlex Features

The features listed in this column require a license for use. Some licenses for these features are included in the packages offered. Please refer to the Feature Packages tab for further information.

Automated Attendant

Record greeting at an extension
Playback recording through phone
Upload file/recording
Option to build menu and record greeting later
Send to an extension
Send to voicemail
Send to external number
Go to another automated attendant menu
Send to a Ring Group
Send to a Queue
Send to a Timeset
Send to a Conference Room
Repeat the message
Timeout to another option
Set "0" destination from automated attendant

Conference Rooms
Initiate a conference room from a phone
Simultaneous conference rooms
Transfer a caller to a conference room
Access to a conference room from an automated attendant
Pin access to a conference room
Conference room participant count
Name announce upon joining conference room
Music for first conference room attendee
Conference room join beep
Conference room recording
Conference room moderator assignment
Wait for moderator to start conference
Conference room administrator assignment
Ability to mute conference room participants
Ability to allow # to exit conference room

Fax to the Desktop
Fax from the Desktop
Fax lines
Faxmail to email (pdf)
Faxmail notification only to email
Text message faxmail notification
Set faxmail quota by user
Encryption of faxmail with password protection
Fax groups allows a single fax to be sent to multiple email accounts

Queues / Automated Call Distribution
Password to enter queue
Unique Caller ID for each queue
Custom music on hold for each queue
Ability to add commercials to hold music
Ability to limit the number of callers waiting
Ability to limit wait time for callers
Ability to join queue if no agents are available
Ability to leave queue if no agents are present
Ability to make agents static
Ability to log in/out of queue via phone
Announcement of which queue is calling to agents
Multiple ring strategies for queues
Ring all strategy
Round Robin strategy
Round Robin with Memory strategy
Least Recently Called strategy
Fewest Calls Strategy
Random strategy
Agent Timeout option
Ability to retry Agent
Agent wrap up time after completion of a call
Ability to send multiple calls to agents
Ability to send calls to other agents if first agent is not responding
Ability to auto pause an agent that is not responding
Ability to record calls in queues
Announce position to callers
Announce estimated hold time to callers
Set frequency of position/hold time announcements
Announce a menu option (press 0-9)
Set frequency on menu announcement
Queue join announcement to callers
Ability to set a queue failover

Ring Groups
Ability to create multiple ring groups
Ring all strategy
Hunt ring strategy
Memory hunt strategy
Ability to set a Caller ID prefix
Ability to set a ring time
Ring group failover

Emergency Groups
Emergency groups notifys a group that an emergency call has been placed
Unlimited numbers can be added as "Emergency Numbers"
Notification via PC
Set change groups notified as needed

Call Recording
Recording options by extension
Record outbound calls only
Record inbound calls only
Record both inbound/outbound calls
Record on demand
Record conference rooms
Record queues
Call Monitoring (Listen)


Paging groups allows a page to be sent to a specified number of extensions
Interface to overhead paging

Follow Me
Advanced forwarding of calls
Set up to (5) internal or external phone numbers
Screen calls you do not want
Failover to phone system voicemail

Caller ID Systray (PC)
Caller ID sent to PC System Tray

RE*ME*DE (REcorded MEssage DElivery
Set up outbound calling campaigns
Set up time of campaign
Set up # of lines to use
Import list of phone numbers to dial
Record message to deliver by phone
Import message to deliver