Case Studies

As a company, WP Glimcher Realty Trust is a nationally recognized innovator in the field of shopping center development, having been instrumental in the management, acquisition and development of over 100 shopping centers during the company’s combined 52- year history in real estate. WP Glimcher owns and/or manages a total of 27 properties in 14 states. Of the 27 properties, 23 are enclosed regional malls or open-air lifestyle centers, many of which are located in the country’s top-growing metropolitan statistical areas.

  • Project Summary:
  • Facilities: 23
  • Phones: 350
  • Project Start Date: August 2009

Michigan Sugar Company, Bay City, Michigan

In 2005, the company was in the process of a major acquisition. The company was in the planning stages of moving its corporate facilities to Bay City, Michigan from Saginaw when a problem arose. The buried phone cable that supplied connectivity to the endpoints of the current phone system was damaged and was running out of capacity quickly. With all of the administrative offices poised to move to the new facility, the company needed a solution.

The sales team at VerCom met with the management of Michigan Sugar and explained the benefits of deploying an IP solution which could not only utilize the investment in the data network infrastructure at the Bay City facility and avoid the buried cable problem but provide a solution that could bring a unified coomunication platform to the seven facilities throughout the company.

To date, the company has deployed (4) servers and (275) phones in its main plant facilities in Bay City, Sebaewing, Croswell and Caro Michigan and has tied in other locations using VPN connections across its point to point T1 that link its facilities. The company is realizing many efficiences and cost savings due to 3-digit extension dialling between facilities, reduced long distance expense, common system management and remote support advantages.

Cassano's Pizza, Dayton Ohio
Three generations of the Cassano family have been serving signature pizzas, famous subs, Cassini sandwiches, fresh salads and other Italian food to Dayton area families for over 50 years. A locally owned and operated business with over 33 locations, franchises and a wholesale dough operation, the Cassano team appreciates your business and strives to deliver the area best pizza dining experience to each and every customer. Cassano’s utilizes a centralized call center for their pizza delivery business that has single telephone number that can be used throughout their marketing area for pizza ordering. Their existing system was aging and they had needs for their call center operation and corporate offices that their current system could not satisfy. They also wanted a system that would allow the installation of telephone handsets in their 33 store locations while being supported by a central telephone system server at the corporate office. The IPlex IP PBX was chosen by Cassano’s to satisfy their needs for a new telephone system because IPlex provided the call center features and the remote connectivity to the stores that they desired. Installing phones in the store locations enabled Cassano’s the ability to improve communications at the store level while reducing overhead associated with the supporting multiple phone platforms in each store. They also realized a reduction in monthly costs by reducing the number of phone lines needed for their network by pooling their resources at the corporate offices. Centralized support services provided by VerCom Systems further reduced costs of operation for their telephone system network.

  • Project Summary:
  • Facilities: Corporate offices, call center, 33 store locations
  • Phones: 165 handsets
  • Project Date: October 2010

Parts Express, Springboro, Ohio

Parts Express has been a provider of electronic parts and accessories to the audio/video industry since 1986. They offer their customers - from sound technicians to audio enthusiasts - the finest audio and video parts for quality home and professional installations, all at highly discounted prices. The corporate office and warehouse of Parts Express is located in a 120,000 square foot facility in Springboro, Ohio, about 25 minutes north of Cincinnati.

In 2007, the company was at a crossroads with their phone system. In order to get the features and functionality desired, the company was going to have to pay for a significant upgrade to the system. They decided to invite in a few local vendors to see what options were on the market. The VerCom team met with the management team and proposed the IPlex system. Based on their need for a call center application for their catalog business

  • Project Summary:
  • Facilities: 2
  • Servers: 2
  • Phones: 95
  • Project Date: June 2007

Globe Motors designs, manufactures, and distributes precision, subfractional horsepower motors and motorized devices throughout the world. For over half a century, since its founding by entrepreneur Max Isaacson, the Globe Motors name has meant turnkey, motion control solutions for valued customers that depend on performance to achieve competitive advantage. With three plants located across the USA and one in Mexico, Globe Motors needed a way to keep their communications cost low while not sacrificing the communications between their locations. In addition they had an aging telephone system at the corporate office that needed to be replaced very soon. After reviewing several systems from various vendors they found the IPlex IP PBX to be a good fit for their needs. It gave them the ability to conference, four digit dial, and transfer calls between locations seamlessly. They also had the ability to send voicemail to email and forward to cellphone. They also used the call reporting functionality to keep tract of departmental calls when needed.

  • Project Summary:
  • Facilities: 4
  • Servers: 6
  • Phones: 310
  • Project Date: November 2007